Certified Green Salon

As a Certified Green Salon, Kesh is regularly certified by Energitjenesten. Energitjenesten verifies that we only use tested, approved, environmentally-friendly and sustainable non-hormonal products that do not contain carcinogenic substances or allergens . If this is not met, we would lose our certification from www.groensalon.dk. This is for your safety as a consumer.

Grøn Salon mærkeAnyone can say they are organic or green – it’s not a protected title, and therefore it can be difficult not to be misled as a consumer. For example, many hairdressers advertise that their colours do not contain PPD, which most people know is harmful. But these colours contain the substance PTD (see the list below) that is as harmful and allergenic.

Because we do not use harmful chemistry in our hair colour, you will find that your hair becomes stronger and healthier after a colour at our salon. The hair colours act like a treatment which makes the hair glossy and beautiful to look at. Say goodbye to dry hair that breaks and is over treated.

At Kesh our colours are free from:
– PPD (paraphenyldamine, extremely allegenic).
– PTD Toulene-2,5-diamine (extremely allergenic).
– P-aminophenol (extremely allergenic).
– Resorcinol (allergenic, hormone disruptive).
– Ammonia (a corrosive and toxic substance that is harmful to humans, animals and plants).
– Perfume and essential oils (allergenic).
– Silicone (harmful to internal organs, absorbed through the skin).
Phalates (hormone disruptive)

In addition, all dyes in our colours are approved by SCCS (European Committee for Consumer Safety).

johnmastersAt Kesh, we avoid any kind of harmful substances in all the products we use – from shampoo and treatments to styling products. We use brands such as John Masters and Ingredien.

Our towels are ecologically and sustainably produced; the served coffee and chocolate are Fairtrade (ecologically grown). We only use Swan labeled cleaners; we have water saving methods and LED lights. The walls are newly treated and all fixtures are sustainably produced and carefully selected.